Article published in: Lawyer Monthly Magazine | Published on March 30 2017

Maurice Power is the Managing Director of Ferguson Litigation Funding examines common misconceptions funders hear; below he identifies the most common misconceptions and provides answers to bust common myths to put at ease those with concerns about litigation funding.

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Maurice Power examines some common misconceptions about litigation funding

Article published in: Claims Magazine | Published on 19 March 2017

Litigation funding is a fast-growing sector. Investors are placing more funds into the market, new providers are emerging and the courts are acknowledging the value provided by the funders.

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Article published in: The Law Society Gazette | 13 March 2017

Last year, litigation funders committed some £723m to legal claims, according to research by City firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain. That is a 25% increase on the previous year, and is evidence – if any were needed – that business is booming in the funding industry.

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